Do not use GnuPG under Mac OS RNG

Werner Koch
Wed Jun 27 20:14:01 2001

 || On Wed, 27 Jun 2001 12:33:47 -0400
 || Gordon Worley <> wrote: 

 gw> Anyway, if the case is as I have restated it, egd should be safe on OS
 gw> X, correct?

The reason for my warning was that you or someone else mentioned that
there are visible patterns[1] in rndlinux.c but not in EGD.  I explained
that both use a very similar way to gather entropy and the only
difference is that EGD postprocesses its output by a hash algorithm
which in turn will make sure that there are no visible patterns.


[1] A visible pattern does not mean that this must be a bad source of
entropy. EGD/rndlinux.c has just to be adapted to get the right
estimate of entropy which is in it.  For example, using network
statistics might give you the same patterns for quite a while but at
one point they will change to another pattern. 

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