Johannes Graumann
Thu Jun 28 17:36:01 2001


New to the world of encryption, I have a couple of questions concerning 
Gnupg and the like:
1. Is it correct, that there is no disk wiping tool included into gnupg? 
What do people use instead?
2. Has anyone ever written some program that filters commands incoming into 
a machine by ssh and only accepts them if they are encrypted with a certain 
key? Would a system like that confer security assuming I keep public and 
private key to myself?
3. Since Gnupg does not come with the capability of creating encrypted file 
systems (correct?): what are people using (on Linux)? Does anyone have 
experience with a program called "Rubber hose"?

I apologize for the partial off topic character of the questions.

Thanks for any hint, Johannes
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