kevin lyda
Thu Jun 28 17:57:02 2001

On Thu, Jun 28, 2001 at 03:21:30PM -0000, Johannes Graumann wrote:

> 1. Is it correct, that there is no disk wiping tool included into gnupg?
> What do people use instead?
on linux there's gitwipe.
> 2. Has anyone ever written some program that filters commands incoming into
> a machine by ssh and only accepts them if they are encrypted with a certain
> key? Would a system like that confer security assuming I keep public and
> private key to myself?
hm, dunno. it would be nice to have some gpg utilities for querying keys, signed data and encrypted data (with or without keys) that one could easily use in scripts.
> 3. Since Gnupg does not come with the capability of creating encrypted file
> systems (correct?): what are people using (on Linux)? Does anyone have
> experience with a program called "Rubber hose"?
no, but i've used cfs in the past - crypto fs. don't have a link handy, but visit freshmeat. kevin