JanuszA.Urbanowicz JanuszA.Urbanowicz
Thu Jun 28 18:03:01 2001

Johannes Graumann wrote/napisa=B3[a]:

> Hello,
> New to the world of encryption, I have a couple of questions concerning=
> Gnupg and the like:
> 1. Is it correct, that there is no disk wiping tool included into gnupg?=
> What do people use instead?
It is extremally hard to write disk wiping tool that works on Unix/Linux filesystem.=20
> 2. Has anyone ever written some program that filters commands incoming in=
> a machine by ssh and only accepts them if they are encrypted with a certa=
> key? Would a system like that confer security assuming I keep public and=
> private key to myself?
I'm misunderstanding something or such functionality is already in the SSH protocol - check ssh documentation on authorization using RSA and D-H keys.
> 3. Since Gnupg does not come with the capability of creating encrypted fi=
> systems (correct?): what are people using (on Linux)?
Encrypted loop filesystems from the International Kernel patch. Alex --=20 C _-=3D-_ H| Janusz A. Urbanowicz | ALEX3-RIPE | SF-F Framling | | = * =09 ; (_O : +-------------------------------------------------------------+ --= +~|=09 ! &~) ? | P=B3yn=B1=E6 chc=EA na Wsch=F3d, za Suez, gdzie jest dobrem ka= =BFde z=B3o | l_|/=09 A ~-=3D-~ O| Gdzie przykaza=F1 brak dziesi=EAciu, a pi=E6 mo=BFna a=BF po d= no; | | =20