Key rejected by keyservers

John Goerzen
Fri Jun 29 15:17:01 2001

Werner Koch <> writes:

> The horowitz keyservers have major problems with keys which are little
> bit uncommon - hmmm, I wonder what's uncommon with a subkey
> revocation. They have messed up my key too. does
> work fine.
Thanks guys. I've contacted the mailing list for pksd and have discovered that this bug has been known since 1999 apparently. What hapens is the code literally concatenates the binary data for all your subkey signatures together into a single one and ignores all but one subkey (they assume that each keypair has exactly one subkey and exactly one subkey signature). This results in, of course, major mess. I've found the problem in the code but fixing it is beyond my skill level at the moment, unfortunately. And alas, gnupg --{send,recv}-keys doesn't work with In the meantime, all the servers have corrupted my key on them to the point where it it useless for encryption! -- John