GPG on a Windows MUA

Karol Pietrzak
Thu Mar 1 03:22:00 2001

Nick Andriash wrote:

> I am running The Bat Mail Client on a Win 98SE box, and although I am
> currently using PGP 7.0.3, I want to try GPG. From what I have read, I
> can download and install the current release of GPG into C:\GnuPG, then
> download a Windows front end such as GnuPGShell or WinPT that would give
> me access to GPG through a PGPTray type Application, is that correct?
yup... note: gnupgshell is stable and only has one or two relatively crucial features missing (keyserver access comes to mind). winpt is not stable (yet).
> As for the installation of GPG, is all I need to do is put the path to
> GPG in my autoexec.bat file? Are there any specific instructions as to
> setting up the commandline version of GPG *before* I install a front end
> for the Program?
nope... just make sure you read the README that comes with the program. do you want to maintain pgp compatibility? if so, make sure you have the following lines in your options file (typically c:\gnupg\options): compress-algo 1 force-v3-sigs -- noodlez: Karol Pietrzak GPG/PGP-KeyID: 0x3A1446A0