Beginner's Q: How to change the location of my keyrings?

Christoph Hertel
Thu Mar 1 13:14:02 2001

* Thus spake [2001-03-01]:

> I know PGP has a environment variable "PGPPATH" which can control the
> default location of the keyrings. How can I do this in GPG?
Either change the Home Directory: --homedir directory Set the name of the home directory to directory If this option is not used it defaults to "~/.gnupg". It does not make sense to use this in a options file. This also overrides the envi- ronment variable "GNUPGHOME". or do other things: --keyring file Add file to the list of keyrings. If file begins with a tilde and a slash, these are replaced by the HOME directory. If the filename does not contain a slash, it is assumed to be in the home-directory ("~/.gnupg" if --homedir is not used). The filename may be prefixed with a scheme: "gnupg-ring:" is the default one. "gnupg-gdbm:" may be used for a GDBM ring. Note that GDBM is experimental and likely to be removed in future versions. It might make sense to use it together with --no-default-keyring. --secret-keyring file Same as --keyring but for the secaret keyrings. That stuff is taken out of the man page for gpg under linux. The Windows port of GnuPG should have a doc somewhere with the same stuff in it. Christoph