sollution to detached sigs under pgpi 6.5.3(windows)

Marco van Lienen Marco van Lienen <>
Fri Mar 2 16:45:07 2001

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I have a problem when I sign my mail with gnupg 1.04 (Linux, using mutt 1.2=
.5i) and want to
verify this gnupg signature with a pgpi6.5.3 mailplugin for the Calypso MUA
running on win98 SE.

Whenever I try to verify my own made signature, PGPi 6.5.3 gives me an error

Unable to verify signature, received a detached signature, no callback (I am
stating this errormessage without being in front of my windows box so the
message can be a bit different).=20

What do I need to put in my options file to be able to verify gnupg signed
messsages with my Calypso mailclient running on a win98 SE box?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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