Wierd signing and encryption output

Johann Thomas johann.thomas@danet.de
Tue Mar 6 07:38:01 2001

David Stultz wrote:

> When I sign or encrypt a message, with myself or anyone else as the
> recipient, I dont get a normal output. I get very strange characters that
> cannot be decrypted or verified.
> I cannot copy and paste the output into this email (pine over telnet), so
> I have posted it at http://redmist.ackers.net/gpg.txt. GPG does not
> prompt me for my password when I attempt to encrypt an email. I am using
> GPG 1.0.4 on Red Hat, kernel 2.2.12-20smp. These are the commands as I
> issue them:
> [redmist@hermes gpg]$ gpg -r redmist -e plain.txt
[...] Well, if you really want plain text, add the options -a ( --armor = the same) to the gpg line above:
> gpg -r redmist -e -a plain.txt