Question about a pgp public key on a gpg key ring.

Stefan H. Holek
Tue Mar 6 11:21:09 2001

--On Montag, 05. März 2001 17:40 -0600 David Jourard <> wrote:

> If I add a public key created with pgp 6.x or greater to a gpg public key
> ring; what public key algorithm should they create it with RSA or Diffie
> Hellman.
Set your "Preferred algorithm" to CAST and create a DH/DSS (= DSA/ElGamal) key pair.
> Second what symmetric algorithm should the gpg use for the encryption
> when using a pgp public key of 6.x or greater.
The cipher will be selected automatically according to the preferences of the public key. To make sure things interact smoothly with 6.x, you might want to add this to your ~/.gnupg/options file: force-v3-sigs compress-algo 1 digest-algo sha1 cipher-algo cast5 And, if you want to be able to move gpg created keys to pgp 6.x: s2k-digest-algo sha1 s2k-cipher-algo cast5 Regards, Stefan -- Things work better when plugged in.