gpg & pgp keys

Tue Mar 6 00:20:09 2001

I'm trying to use my SECRET (private) key of PGP of Windows  into  GPG in 
Linux, I exported the private key with this option: gpg 
--allow-secret-key-import. but when I run this command : gpg 
--list-secret-keys, it dont show me anything. 

I have to do something aditional to tell gpg which is my secret key? What I 
have to do?

Also I want to export my gpg Linux public key into a file, for the PGP 
Windows users.  I should export the ownertrust to a file? So the windows 
users could import the public key?

Please help me out, Im tired of using windows, I need a complete Linux 
running, with kmail and gnupg.