gpg & pgp keys

Stefan H. Holek
Tue Mar 6 11:42:03 2001

--On Montag, 05. März 2001 17:19 -0600 Sheriy <> wrote:

> I'm trying to use my SECRET (private) key of PGP of Windows into GPG in
> Linux, I exported the private key with this option: gpg
> --allow-secret-key-import. but when I run this command : gpg
> --list-secret-keys, it dont show me anything.
I take it you did not forget to check "Include Private Key(s)" when exporting your key pair from Windoze PGP?
> I have to do something aditional to tell gpg which is my secret key? What
> I have to do?
gpg --import < mykeyfile.asc does it for me.
> Also I want to export my gpg Linux public key into a file, for the PGP
> Windows users. I should export the ownertrust to a file? So the windows
> users could import the public key?
Just export and publish your public key. gpg --export --armor mykeyid > mykeyfile.asc HTH, Stefan -- Things work better when plugged in.