Q: gpg on windows w/ removable media

Andy Futrell andy.futrell@ipaper.com
Fri Mar 30 21:28:03 2001

A newbie question... I've checked the docs and faq and found no answer
(although I have been known to miss things in the past ;-)

I want to use gpg on a windows box, but I would like to have my secret
keyring on some type of removable media (preferably a CD, but a floppy
would be ok.)

Is there a way I can put my secret key on some type of read-only media
(like a CD) but keep my pubring and trustring on a different writable

Obviously I would like to protect my trustring somewhat, but since it
needs to be writable that prevents me from using a CD and a floppy may
become too small one day.

Essentially, can someone point me to a how-to about gpg and windows and
what I can put where and how to configure that?

Any suggestions?