Q: gpg on windows w/ removable media

ESP evangelo@pigdog.org
Fri Mar 30 22:01:02 2001

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>>>>> "AF" == Andy Futrell <andy.futrell@ipaper.com> writes:
AF> Is there a way I can put my secret key on some type of AF> read-only media (like a CD) but keep my pubring and trustring AF> on a different writable volume? I believe the format would be: set GNUPGHOME=c:\where\you\keep\pubring\and\trust\ gpg --secret-keyring a:\secret.gpg --do-something I believe you can also add the "secret-keyring" directive to your "options" file in GNUPGHOME. (In Windows, you can set GNUPG home in the System Control Panel setting thing.) ~ESP - -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ESP <evangelo@pigdog.org> | http://pigdog.org/ "Fan belts break at 3AM. I get mad, drinks get spilled." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.4 (GNU/Linux) iD8DBQE6xOXwbZezvPSYodkRAiGgAJ0cbsJf4AR8kQpBKX8L5HEFp5OIHgCeLD3B bUMORKJGlmRFRTiwWBa2sUw= =Nm1X -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----