Q: gpg on windows w/ removable media

Ben Paul Wise bwise@sito.saic.com
Fri Mar 30 23:29:03 2001

Andy et al,

I do this on Linux, by having a soft link from ~/.gnupg/pubring.gpg to the 
corresponding thing on the floppy (similarly for secring). But if you modify 
either one, it overwrites the link and you have to copy it over by hand.

The question is how to establish a softlink in Windows. Will a simple 
'shortcut' do the trick?

NB: having the secret ring on a write-protected, removable floppy appears to 
be a good protection against the recent Czech attack.

On Friday 30 March 2001 14:25, Andy Futrell wrote:

> A newbie question... I've checked the docs and faq and found no answer
> (although I have been known to miss things in the past ;-)
> I want to use gpg on a windows box, but I would like to have my secret
> keyring on some type of removable media (preferably a CD, but a floppy
> would be ok.)
> Is there a way I can put my secret key on some type of read-only media
> (like a CD) but keep my pubring and trustring on a different writable
> volume?
> Obviously I would like to protect my trustring somewhat, but since it
> needs to be writable that prevents me from using a CD and a floppy may
> become too small one day.
> Essentially, can someone point me to a how-to about gpg and windows and
> what I can put where and how to configure that?
> Any suggestions?
> tia,
> andy
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