IDEA in win32 version of gpg

Timo Schulz
Fri May 4 15:40:01 2001

On Fri May 04 2001, wrote:


> I changed nothing in idea.c !
> you can look at my IDEA.dll (link in .sig)
it was only a quick and dirty hack to see if it works. I am sure there are more elegant solutions for it.
> > the version info needs to be obtained from a function instead
> > of being stored in a ststic char[],
> wrong, it CAN be stored in static char[] !
> > and an underscore was added (I assume to
> > prevent a name clash but I didn't try to compile without it).
> yes.. but if you write idea.def file correctly no need to add
> underscore in idea.c file
IIRC I tried both types but I also thought it depends on the GPG dynload code. There you can set the 'WITH_UNDERSCORE' flag or not. I'll see if I can change my IDEA.dll, but I don't think this is security related. I added the source so everybody can see the modifications. Timo -- Two-a-Day at keyid BF3DF9B4