IDEA in win32 version of gpg
Fri May 4 07:57:01 2001

Hash: RIPEMD160

Alexander Skwar wrote:

> > Check out There you'll find a contrib directory, containing
> > a idea.c C source code.
> I already use that module, but after studying the changes made in the WinPT
> version it seems the source requires minor modifications to be used on win32:
I changed nothing in idea.c ! you can look at my IDEA.dll (link in .sig)
> an imported function to write logmessages apparently didn't work and is
> commanted out,
because I didn't want to modify idea.c I solved this by making separate c file with only g10_log_fatal() function that does nothing. and I don't think it's *that important*
> the version info needs to be obtained from a function instead
> of being stored in a ststic char[],
wrong, it CAN be stored in static char[] !
> and an underscore was added (I assume to
> prevent a name clash but I didn't try to compile without it).
yes.. but if you write idea.def file correctly no need to add underscore in idea.c file == <EOF> == Disastry <----PGP plugins for Netscape and MDaemon ^--GPG for Win32 (supports loadable modules and IDEA) ^---PGP 2.6.3ia-multi03 (supports IDEA, CAST5, BLOWFISH, TWOFISH, AES, 3DES ciphers and MD5, SHA1, RIPEMD160 hashes) -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: Netscape PGP half-Plugin 0.15 by Disastry / PGPsdk v1.7.1 iQA/AwUBOvIn6jBaTVEuJQxkEQNkzACg+7jqK0NewYTCQbysjQD8vBYjlN4AoNts trs3Xanq7hHsPPxVHSlIIdaU =yPG6 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----