How to set wrap for textmode

Johan Wevers
Sun May 6 17:20:05 2001

You, Graham, wrote:

> Now, a number of MUAs in Windows have plugins for GPG. Are you saying
> we cannot be sure how word wrap is going to be handled by commandline
> GPG,
Yes, you can be very sure: it is not going to be considered at all. Seems very easy to me. The only other solution that is not going to break when someone sets the wrap value a bit tighter (like the already mentioned visually impaied who uses a very large font) is to add wrapping info to the message and take that into account before checking the signature. Personally I think this is also not GnuPG's task but a protocol that plays on the lavel of MUA's and plugins.
> or is there a mechanism by which we can be sure that the
> signature won't turn out as bad by bad word wrap?
Maybe by adding this information to the message (could be as simple as adding a header line like "X-PGP-Wordwrap: 72".
> Commandline programs may be the norm under other OS, but they are not
> under Windows,
This issue has nothing to do with CUI vs. GUI. Maybe the problem is easier to bypass when lots of CUI programs are coupled, but I don't see any fundamantal reason why the UI would matter in this case.
> and if the plugin doesn't work, then people simply won't use GPG,
Then a mode decent method than changing message contents has to be found to make it work.
> which would be a shame.
I agree on this point. -- ir. J.C.A. Wevers // Physics and science fiction site: // PGP/GPG public keys at