Kmail and gpg freeze

Ben Paul Wise
Wed May 9 14:06:01 2001


I've encountered the same. The problem is that KMail waits on gpg, until gpg 
returns from a search of your favorite server. So, to be literal, KMail is 
not 'freezing', just 'waiting'. Killing gpg is one way to end the wait; 
waiting a few minutes until gpg times out is another.

Having KMail run gpg in the background would be a better solution - but that 
goes to the KMail mailing list!

On Tuesday 08 May 2001 21:22, Brian M. Carlson allegedly wrote:

> Whenever I read my mail with Kmail, if there is an unknown key used to sign
> a message, it will be fetched with gpg. Kmail freezes while gpg executes
> and I must kill gpg in order to make kmail work again. The command line
> used for gpg is "gpg --batch --set-filename stdin --decrypt". Is there a
> flaw in this command line for gpg 1.0.5-1? Is the "--set-filename stdin"
> even necessary, and is it breaking it?
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