Kmail and gpg freeze

Ingo Klöcker
Wed May 9 22:24:02 2001

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On Wed, 9. May 2001 14:03, Ben Paul Wise wrote on the GnuPG-users ML:

> Brian,
> I've encountered the same. The problem is that KMail waits on gpg,
> until gpg returns from a search of your favorite server. So, to be
> literal, KMail is not 'freezing', just 'waiting'. Killing gpg is one
> way to end the wait; waiting a few minutes until gpg times out is
> another.
If you don't want gpg to search the server for a key you should turn this option of. OTOH, we could use the --no-auto-key-retrieve option in KMail.
> Having KMail run gpg in the background would be a better solution -
> but that goes to the KMail mailing list!
So I forwarded it there. Running gpg in the background makes IMHO no sense if KMail tries to verify the signature of a message or tries to decrypt a message because KMail simply can't procede before gpg has returned. Hmm, now that I think about it, it might actually make sense for signed messages. As long as gpg hasn't verified the signature we could simply display the message as not yet verified. And if gpg finally returns we could change the displayed message according to the status of the signature. The only problem is that I currently have no idea how hard this would be to implement. If you selected another message the verification of the last message would have to be canceled. Also it would make sense to cache the verification status so that signed messages don't have to be verified everytime you select them.
> On Tuesday 08 May 2001 21:22, Brian M. Carlson allegedly wrote:
> > Whenever I read my mail with Kmail, if there is an unknown key used
> > to sign a message, it will be fetched with gpg. Kmail freezes while
> > gpg executes and I must kill gpg in order to make kmail work again.
> > The command line used for gpg is "gpg --batch --set-filename stdin
> > --decrypt". Is there a flaw in this command line for gpg 1.0.5-1?
> > Is the "--set-filename stdin" even necessary, and is it breaking
> > it?
The "--set-filename stdin" has already been removed in the cvs version. Regards, Ingo -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.4 (GNU/Linux) Comment: For info see iD8DBQE6+Zd4GnR+RTDgudgRArYdAJ0Y9eLpUTP6kf7SAxix7Pw7vP5ABACdGvi5 FRu06EcfkTttTexN6tV+BZ4= =AFdd -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----