Format to PGP

Internet Niue
Sat May 19 03:27:02 2001


I'm using 1.0.4 on SuSe 7.1 and Kmail 1.2 over kde 2.1.2

It has only happened with two people so far, but two of the users who are 
running PGP on their end are telling me that when they decrypt my messages, 
the message comes out all in one line. It decrypts OK, but it's all one line. 

One of them is using lotus notes and PGP 5.0 so I just wrote it off as being 
a problem with that old version of PGP. But now someone else told me the same 
thing and they are running PGP 6.5.3 with W2K.

Anybody seen this before? I scanned the archives and didn't see anything. I 
appoligize in advance if there was an answer to this in front of my face that 
I didn't see. <g>