no connection to keyservers

Jan Drugowitsch
Sat May 19 11:06:02 2001


i'm using gpg 1.0.5 on win2k behind a gateway (running winroute).

everytime i try 'gpg --keyserver --send-key [any uid]' 
i get:

 > gpg: write failed: ec=87
 > gpg: can't connect to '': No error

the same with '--recv-key':

 > gpg: requesting key [any uid] from ...
 > gpg: write failed: ec=87
 > gpg: can't get key from keyserver: No error

i've already tried this with several other keyservers and always have got 
the same response.

there isn't any problem with the internet connection as i can ping 
'' and all other internet-clients are working properly.

does anyone know, what 'ec=87' means? i didn't find any information anywhere.

jan drugowitsch