Revoking duplicate keys?

Jin-Ru Ong
Mon May 21 23:19:02 2001

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use GnuPG again after a few years of changing PCs, etc. I 
recently discovered a lot of keys under my email address on 
the public keyserver, but the secret keys were saved onto old PCs and disks I 
don't even have anymore. Is there any way I can revoke them? Or at least 
indicate to others that I don't use them anymore?

I've also been stupid and experimenting with a new GnuPG front end and 
accidentally created several key pairs for my email address, all on the same 
day *sigh*. These were uploaded to the public keyserver. How do I get rid of 
the pairs -- I've generated a revocation certificate, is it enough just to 
paste the key revocation certificate in the "Add PGP Key" section of a 
keyserver? And do I just do gpg --delete-key <KEYID> to rid it from my 
keyring for good? 

Sorry if these are all stupid questions - I feel stupid but I should have 
RTFM first! (I've been through Googlesearch and the GnuPG documentation but 
have no idea how to do the above). Sorry for wasting bandwidth!

Thanks to anyone who can help....

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