Revoking duplicate keys?

Nick Andriash Nick Andriash <>
Tue May 22 17:18:01 2001

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On May 21, 2001, at 1:25:05 PM, Jin-Ru Ong wrote:

> I'm trying to use GnuPG again after a few years of changing PCs, etc. I
> recently discovered a lot of keys under my email address
> on the public keyserver, but the secret keys were
> saved onto old PCs and disks I don't even have anymore. Is there any
> way I can revoke them? Or at least indicate to others that I don't use
> them anymore?
The only thing I can think of is to attach a revoked signature as an indication you no longer want that Key used. Others may come with a better solution, but without the Private Key/Passphrase, there isn't much you can to. :o( As for your other problem, you may as well upload revocation certificates if you do not want those Keys used. - -- Nick -=N.J. Andriash | Vancouver, B.C. Canada=- [ SecureBat! v1.53 Beta 8/iKey1000 | Win 98 SE 4.10 ] [ PGP 7.1 (Build 174) | Key ID: 0x7BA3FDCE ] _______________________________________________________ -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.5 (MingW32) - GnuPGshell v1.77 Comment: Comment: iD8DBQE7CoIuxQKEdHuj/c4RAogvAKCuhwlhrG4KB5TcetjKeSzvWW88zgCgr2KY 1xxHgtxw72ZlHTUISCjqBfc= =fJBf -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----