[newbye] from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5 with Mdk72

Daniele Russolillo darussol@inwind.it
Thu May 24 10:51:01 2001

Hi to all,

i'm a linux newbye, but really enthusiast and security interested!!!
After so many how-tos i've just set up my linux box really nice, but
I found 1.0.4 on  it already installed by mandrake...what should I do
to replace with *.5?
Things to know:
- i don't know how to use diff files ( --> 1.0.5 patch...)
- is it ok just a "rpm -e" and then rpm -i the new version? What about
- should i put rpm -U to update? how does it work with gpg?

thanks for all....i'm really trying to use gpg instead of pgp!!!


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