[newbye] from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5 with Mdk72

Fabio Coatti cova@ferrara.linux.it
Thu May 24 12:28:01 2001

Il 10:50, giovedý 24 Maggio 2001, scrivesti:

> Hi to all,
> i'm a linux newbye, but really enthusiast and security interested!!!
> After so many how-tos i've just set up my linux box really nice, but
> I found 1.0.4 on it already installed by mandrake...what should I do
> to replace with *.5?
> Things to know:
> - i don't know how to use diff files ( --> 1.0.5 patch...)
> - is it ok just a "rpm -e" and then rpm -i the new version? What about
> dependencies?
> - should i put rpm -U to update? how does it work with gpg?
Just grab the latest update from mandrake site (or some mirror) and issue a rpm -Uvh gnupg-1.0.5..whatever. That's all. -- Fabio Coatti http://www.ferrara.linux.it/members/cova Ferrara Linux Users Group http://ferrara.linux.it GnuPG fp:9765 A5B6 6843 17BC A646 BE8C FA56 373A 5374 C703 Old SysOps never die... they simply forget their password.