Unable to import keyfile

Michael.E.Grimes@fritolay.com Michael.E.Grimes@fritolay.com
Thu May 24 15:55:01 2001

Hi Group,

On one system we are using:

PGP for Personal Privacy, Version 5.0 (Unix)
(Commercial, Executable Version)

One of our trading partners has created a public key using GNUPG 1.04. When I
try and add it onto our keyring on the system above, the following message

entsys@snax1d>/entsys/.pgp> pgpk -a ./waiecg.key
Unable to import keyfile "./waiecg.key".

On another system, we use:
PGP e-Business Server(tm) Version 7.0.1
(c) 2000 Network Associates Inc.

There is no problem adding the GNUPG created key to that ring.

Does anyone know why we might be having difficulty adding the GNUPG key to the
keyring under PGP 5.0?
I was not aware that there were incompatibilities, are there?
Are there some switches that our trading partner should use when creating a key
for use with the older version of PGP (5.0)?

Any help or comments are appreciated.