Unable to import keyfile

Werner Koch wk@gnupg.org
Fri May 25 07:59:01 2001

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Michael.E.Grimes@fritolay.com wrote:

> PGP for Personal Privacy, Version 5.0 (Unix)
> (Commercial, Executable Version)
s/Commercial/Proprietary/ PGP 5 is horrible broken and has major problems to comply with OpenPGP. The latter is obvious because OpenPGP was released later. There are also a couple of security issues with PGP versions before 6.5.8 - so your partner should update. If he has created keys under GNU/Linux with that version it is even worth to think of replacing those keys.
> On another system, we use:
> PGP e-Business Server(tm) Version 7.0.1
> (c) 2000 Network Associates Inc.
> There is no problem adding the GNUPG created key to that ring.
I have been told that PGP 7 is OpenPGP compatible so it should indeed work. Well, you can't get the source for it so there is no easy way to check whether some problems have been addressed. Werner -- Werner Koch Omnis enim res, quae dando non deficit, dum habetur g10 Code GmbH et non datur, nondum habetur, quomodo habenda est. Privacy Solutions -- Augustinus