Symmetric Encryption

AARG! Anonymous
Sat Nov 3 13:38:01 2001 [02/11/2001]:
> $ gpg -a -c > message.txt
> And enter a passphrase, then type my message and send it to the PGP use=
> they get the following after typing in the passphrase.
>   PGP Warning
>   An error has occurred : bad packet

PGP probably doesn't support the gpg's default symmetric encryption
algorithm (BLOWFISH). Quoting the man page

       --s2k-cipher-algo name
                 Use  name as the cipher algorithm used  to  pro=AD
                 tect   secret   keys.   The  default  cipher  is
                 BLOWFISH.  This cipher is also used for  conven=AD
                 tional encryption if --cipher-algo is not given.

So just tell gpg to do symmetric encryption using one of the algorithms
supported by pgp 6.??. Eg.

	$ gpg -a -c --cipher-algo=3Dcast5 > message.txt