can gpg print a key straight from keyserver?

Rich Burroughs
Mon Nov 5 05:56:02 2001

On 4 Nov 2001, Douglas Elznic wrote:

> I can execute commands in php so if i could do
> the following life would be perfect:
> gpg --keyserver --recv-key 0x13300731 --export -a
> That does not work. Any ideas?

Yeah, you can't do an export and recv-key both. There's no reason they 
need to both be done in the same command, though. If you do it as two 
commands it should work fine: do the recv-key, and then do the export. The 
recv-key will add the key to your keyring, and so it will be there for the 
export. Or just add the key once yourself, and then it should be there 
to export. I guess the advantage of adding it from the keyserver each time 
is that you'd pick up new signatures.

There may be other ways to handle it, but this one should work.

Also, FYI, PHP can include remote files, if you'd rather just point to a 
URL at a keyserver. There's info on it in the PHP manual: