RE: can not open gnupg.exe,&c.

Tue Nov 6 11:52:01 2001

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From: William McNutt []
Subject: can not open gnupg.exe,&c.

1) I downloaded v.1.0.6.gz.tar.Can only uncompress the read me file.Do
not know how to use the command line.

GPG is a command line oriented program, you just need to set environment and registry as "Readme.w32" mentioned. You need to read "" and "faq" for basic usage.

For example:
Create your key pair: gpg --gen-key
Decryption: gpg -d -o OUTPUT-FILE INPUT-FILE

Detail information can be found in those documents.

2) Can gnupg be used with non text, i.e., sounds or images?

Sure it can to that.

3) Installation has been frustrating so far.

If you extract ZIP file into C:\gnupg that you can reduce setting work in minimum.

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