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Louis LeBlanc gnupg-users@gnupg.org
Thu Nov 8 19:45:01 2001

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On 11/08/01 10:10 AM, Nick Andriash sat at the `puter and typed:
> Hello Alexander Skwar,
> On Thursday, November 08 2001 at 08:02 AM PDT, you wrote:
> > PS: Your lines are *WAY* too long.
> Just curious, but is Mutt incapable of wrapping incoming messages? His
> lines seem fine here, using Becky which must automatically wrap long
> lines because I see no problem here.=20

Yes it can, but since some  people use different programs to read mail
(vim,  emacs,  Mutt  native),  it  sometimes  requires  some  creative
configuration. I like  vim, so I insist on using  it. I haven't gotten
around to figuring out how to wrap a read message automatically, but I
have other creative ways of formatting text - incoming and outgoing.

The whole point is that mutt is so configurable that you can do almost
anything you want - as far as mail and for some, news goes. I use Mutt
to read mail  and newsgroups, but I use several  other programs in the
process  -  gpg, par,  vim,  and  inews to  name  but  a few.  One  of
these  days, I'll  take the  time to  figure out  how to  tell vim  to
automatically do  the formatting I  want for incoming mail,  but there
are a  lot of  people who  use clients  (or configurations)  that make
reading long  lines a  nuisance. IIRC, it's  even in  some nettiquette
guide somewhere.  Doesn't bother me  too much.  I have a  key sequence
that reformats  it to 72 wide,  so I'll probably take  my time looking
for the auto wrap stuff. Probably just need to change my par flags.

Just my $0.02 Spend it or save it :)
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