gpgoe plugin

Peter Kuhm
Sat Nov 10 18:56:02 2001

At 18:40 10.11.01 +0100, Timo Schulz wrote:

>> when i hit Sign button when sending a new message, gnupgoe says 
>> "No default key ID was found!" I've looked at sources and found
>GPGOE searches in the options file for the 'default-key' entry. And
>it the case there is no such entry it should use the first secret
>key. But it seems that this code doesn't work. The easiest solution
>is to create a simple file called "options" with the following text:
>default-key BF3DF9B4 (of course your key id).

so it's not so easy to use different keys with this plug-in? Or this there
a way to use "--options file" within the GUI?

FWIW: ->

| I can only send one signed message using the plug-in, after that they fail
| with the message "Unable to find default key ID"
| This was a bug in early versions of the plug-in. Please update your plug-in
| from