gpgoe plugin

Timo Schulz
Sat Nov 10 19:47:01 2001

On Sat Nov 10 2001; 18:54, Peter Kuhm wrote:

> so it's not so easy to use different keys with this plug-in? 
> Or this there a way to use "--options file" within the GUI?

Not yet. But I currently work on a small dialog to change the
default signing key. The --options file is not needed when you
have a options in your GnuPG 'homedir'.

> | I can only send one signed message using the plug-in, after that
> | they fail with the message "Unable to find default key ID"

I found the bug and I fixed it, thanks. I'll upload a patch for
it soon. The problem that is described in the gpgoedoc.html was
another problem.