[SLE] Kmail & Sphinx

Ralph Sanford rsanford@telusplanet.net
Fri Nov 16 04:54:01 2001

On Thu, 2001-11-15 at 03:33, Guy Van Sanden wrote:
> Hello
> Does anyone know when the sphinx project will be coming out to enable pgp/mime
> and s/mime in kmail?
> Or any alternative that does the same?
> Thanks
> Guy

Do you mean an alternative method to make pgp/mime work in kmail or an
alternative to kmail that handles pgp/mime?

For the latter, evolution sometimes works.  Evolution does its pgp thing
in mime but right now the latest evolution vers. rc1 is absolutely and
totally broken with respect to pgp.  The release candidate reports all
pgp signed messages as unsupported.  If the message is pgp encrypted
then the release candidate of evo gives a blank message page, no text,
no encrypted text, no icon, nothing.  I don't trust it right now so I
have not tried to send any pgp messages.

Previous to the release candidate, evolution received pgp fine and sent
out messages using pgp/mime.  

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