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Silviu Cojocaru
Mon Nov 19 16:55:01 2001

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Monday, November 19, 2001 at 5:44:35 PM ,
Loic Bernable wrote the following
on the "Frontends for Windows" thread:

> ... being one reason for me not to use GnuPG under MS-windows,
> that I don't trust.

Same applies to Linux, get yourself rooted and see that it is
not a big issue.

> This sentence was not against you. But one should not lower
> the safety level of such a program, especially in order to
> improve friendship.

Nope, just for the Windows users right ? Well, just for your
information, I use both, ie. Linux (RH 7.1) and Windows 98SE.
I'm rather happy with both, so I took it personally since I
qualify as a Windoze user.

How do you know that the security level of GPGShell is *low*,
have you done any testing, have you tried catching the input or
detecting the certain area of the memory where it keeps the
password just before passing it to gpg ?

Words in vain won't solve anything, do extensive testing, prove
that GPGShell is a risky piece of software then make accusation,
but not before, let's try to be fair.

Watching BUGTRAQ for quite a while now, and I did not see
GPGShell announced as having problems... this should mean
something yes?

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