Frontends for Windows

Frank Tobin
Mon Nov 19 17:16:01 2001

Silviu Cojocaru, at 17:54 +0200 on 2001-11-19, wrote:

   Same applies to Linux, get yourself rooted and see that it is not a
   big issue.

With source available, one can be fairly assured of the security of a
newly-created system.  With a closed-source envrionment you cannot have
the same level of confidence.

Whether or not a system is compromised is another issue.  But the fact
still remains that the closed source environment is much less trustworthy.

   Words in vain won't solve anything, do extensive testing, prove that
   GPGShell is a risky piece of software then make accusation, but not
   before, let's try to be fair. You are using the wrong approach.

This is *exactly* the wrong approach.  When it comes to software with
security issues, the burden of proof is one the software to prove itself,
not on a user to disprove it.  Not realizing this exhibits a complete lack
of a security-conscious mindset.

Frank Tobin