Frontends for Windows

Arild Bjork
Mon Nov 19 21:09:02 2001

This has been an interessting debate. Many "religious views" have been
posted. Many holds open source or free software high, snearing at Windows
users. I wonder how many have actually studied the source code of all the
software they use. Have you even got a clean open source system? I feel
paranoia creeping in.

In the end it's a matter of trust. I have'nt got the ability to verify the
source code of gnupg, have to trust the developers or others that can verify
it for me. Can I trust the likes of Roger Sonderman? What could he actually
gain from releasing malicious software? I'm certain that the countries
judicial systems would quickly put an end to it. Come to think of it:

- Can you trust the government?
- Can you trust your bank, your insurance company etc?
- Have you seen the source code to their systems?
- Who can be trusted?!

Why did I begin using GnuPG, you might ask? Well, I'm evaluating
alternatives to securing e-mail between different organisations. GnuPG seems
to be an alternative to PGP, and comes much cheaper. GPGshell and an Outlook
plug-in made it an alternative. None of them are mentioned on the pages of I had to find them myself. How many have passed by and found that GnuPG wouldn't fit their needs, because they
couldn't find what was needed to make it fit?

Arild Bjork