Slow performance checking trust

Walt Mankowski
Mon Nov 19 19:01:01 2001

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I subscribe to some mailing lists (notably this list and debian-user)
where many people sign their posts.  I have mutt and gpg configured to
automatically download any public keys I don't have from a keyserver.
I now have hundreds of keys on my keyring, relatively few of which are
signed.  I also have a nightly cronjob that updates all my keys from a

Recently I've noticed the performance for checking signatures for some
keys getting worse and worse.  For some keys it takes several minutes
for gpg to decide whether or not it trusts the signature.  This is on
a pentium 3-450 running Linux.  The keys that take the longest are
those dozens of sigs, where many of the signers are also in the
keyring.  Performance is even worse if I run "gpg --with-colons
--list-keys".  That command takes more than 10 minutes to complete for
some keys.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?  Are there any
recommendations on how to improve performance?  I'm tempted to lsign a
few of the keys to see if that helps.


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