Ryan Malayter
Mon Nov 19 19:28:01 2001

MPEG is just a compressed video format. AFAIK, no encryption algorithm is
part of the MPEG2 standard.

Perhaps you're thinking about DVD encryption. Commercial DVDs are
essentially a collection of encrypted MPEG2 files. The CSS encryption
algorithm is applied on top of the plain-vanilla MPEG2-data streams. DVD
hacking tools like DeCSS simply decrypt the DVD data streams and output
normal MPEG2 files that any MPEG2 software can use.

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On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 11:43:49AM -0600, Lee McKenna wrote:
> The file is an MPEG2 movie.  We've experimented with compression -z
> options, but we found it of no use on these MPEG2 files (in fact, 
> detrimental to speed and file size), hence the -z0 in our script.

I believe MPEG2 files are already encrypted.