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Martin Christensen
Mon Nov 19 19:54:02 2001

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>>>>> "Nick" =3D=3D Nick Andriash <> writes:
Nick> Phil Zimmermann commented recently about why PGP/GPG was not
Nick> attractive to the 'masses', and I believe made reference to the
Nick> 'analness' regarding the threat model.

I am amongh those who are much more likely to trust a programme if it
is open source. However, I think that some of the comments from the
open source camp have been rather out of proportion and on occation
quite rude. There are other and better ways of advocating the benefits
of free software than starting off by digging trenches. Unfortunately
it also seems that some among the Windows using crowd aren't
particularly open to the free approach; apparently they think the
insistence on openness nothing but arrogance. The benefits of open
source, however, become increasingly apparent as the bug reports and
patches trickle in, but that's a totally different discussion.


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