gpg 1.0.6 troubles with whitespace-only Comment header

Nick Andriash
Sat Nov 24 03:17:02 2001

Hello Ingo Kl=F6cker,

On Friday, November 23 2001 at 02:59 PM PDT, you wrote:

> Hmm, gpg has the option --no-comment which does what those people might=
> want. And neither PGP 2 nor PGP 6 adds a Comment header if there is no=20
> Comment defined in the configuration file. So those people should=20
> simply remove the empty Comment entry from their configuration files.

Or... GnuPG should follow the lead of PGP and not add the Comment header
unless one is defined by the User. Much simpler that way, and avoids
having to issue the warning about the invalid armour header.

The RFC doesn't seem to clearly define what is allowed or what isn't,
but IMHO it would be easier to simply not add the Header unless defined
by the User.


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