gpg 1.0.6 troubles with whitespace-only Comment header

Timo Schulz
Sat Nov 24 10:12:01 2001

On Fri Nov 23 2001; 22:59, Ingo Klöcker wrote:

Hi Ingo,

> Hmm, gpg has the option --no-comment which does what those people might 
> want. And neither PGP 2 nor PGP 6 adds a Comment header if there is no 
> Comment defined in the configuration file. So those people should 
> simply remove the empty Comment entry from their configuration files.

The --no-comment option has nothing to do with comment lines in
ASCII armored output! Here is the passage from the mainpage:

                 Do  not  write  comment  packets.   This  option
                 affects    only   the   generation   of   secret
                 keys.  Please note, that this has nothing to  do
                 with the comments in clear text signatures.

If you use --comment "" GPG writes *no* comment into ASCII armored


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