GPG and MS Outlook users

Fabian Rodriguez - Admin.
Wed Sep 5 21:24:02 2001

> Starting with version 0.91, there's also an English version of the
> plugin available. If you feel more comfortable with English, that should
> be an option for you ;-) You can download it from here:
> --
> Regards,
> Lars
Hi Lars, I just installed your plugin under Windows 2000, using Outlook 2000. I would like to know how I can import my private key into GPGA, I tried specifying a paramaterer in GNUPG's path at Tools|Options|Encryption|Advanced: C:\Program Files\GnuPGExch\gpg.exe --allow-secret-key-import But this does not seem to work. Is there an options file I can specify ? Where ? I searched both GPGA docs and your site and didn't find any information on this. On a more general topic, why is it that most PGP-based front-ends/backends assume that we are always wanting to create a private key in the first place ? I'd love to have the choice to importa an existing one, in an easy way... Cheers, Fabian