GPG and MS Outlook users

Lars Geiger
Wed Sep 5 22:29:01 2001

Hi Fabian,
On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, at 15:21:39 -0400, you wrote:

> I just installed your plugin under Windows 2000, using Outlook 2000.
Wow, that's too much honour... ;-) It's not "my" plugin, in fact I don't even use it (well, I don't use Outlook ...). I just knew about its existence and that there was an English version available, so I jumped in.
> [plugin specific questions snipped]
Sorry, I can't help you with that. :-(
> On a more general topic, why is it that most PGP-based front-ends/
> backends assume that we are always wanting to create a private key in
> the first place? I'd love to have the choice to importa an existing
> one, in an easy way...
OK, that may be a general problem of the front-end designers. But why can't you just use GnuPG directly to import your key first? That should allow you to use an existing key. -- Regards, Lars The Bat! 1.54 Beta/7 on Windows NT 5.0 Build 2195 Service Pack 2 ____________________________________________________________
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