Can't Run GnuPG from CGI Script

Tue Sep 11 00:05:02 2001

I am getting the following error when trying to execute GnuPG from a cgi 

gpg: fatal: ~/.gnupg: can't create directory: No such file or directory 
secmem usage: 0/0 bytes in 0/0 blocks of pool 0/163

Here is the gpg command:

gpg --homedir /var/www/data/.gnupg  $armor --always-trust --yes -o- -r 
'987500C1' --no-tty --batch --encrypt /home/perluser/gpg/plain_text.txt

Shouldn't the "--homedir" option take care of this error?

It is being executed by user apache.

It works fine from the command line.  It also works fine when executing it 
by a different normal user from the command line.

Is anyone successfully using gpg in this way on a web server?

At 06:55 PM 9/7/2001 -0500, you wrote:

>pd, at 12:37 -0400 on Fri, 7 Sep 2001, wrote:
> I have written the following two Unix shell scripts to be executed from
> perl scripts. It works fine from the command line but when I try to
> get it
> to execute from a web page it refuses. gpg reports no error, it *acts*
> like it is running, there is no system error returned, but it does
> nothing.
>You want to add options such as --no-tty and --batch
>You might want to look into the Perl module GnuPG::Interface instead of
>using shell scripts; it could be much safer.
>Frank Tobin
>Gnupg-users mailing list
I have now installed Crypt::GPG and am using it to interface with GnuPG. It still acts the same way when trying to execute gpg by user "apache" from the cgi-bin directory. Any help would be *much* appreciated. Thanks, Paul