accented characters in real name in generating key

René Clerc
Tue Sep 18 10:54:01 2001

Hi everyone,

first of all: I'm a relatively newbie to GnuPG, but since I was unable
to find the answer to my question on the net. I apologize if it _is_
somwhere out there

second: I'm not subscribed to this list, so please carbon copy me ;)

My question:

as you can see by my .signature, my name contains an e-accent-aigu.
When I generate my key, with this character in it, everything's fine,
but when I publish my key to the keyserver, it ends up like:

René Clerc

I used the both iso-8859-1 and iso-8859-2 for the --charset option,
but this doesn't help. Does anybody know how to handle this problem?
Is there another way of escaping this character in the gpg prompts?

Or should I change some TERM setting or so? (mine is 'screen' right

Or should I just change my name? (sigh...)

All the help is appreciated!


René Clerc                      - (