Replacement subkeys

Nick Lamb
Thu Sep 20 02:02:01 2001

Once again I tried to actually use GnuPG for something, and was pretty
much immediately stopped short by a problem.

Here you can see that I have created a new subkey for 1024D/741BE7D8
and of course I have the public and private components on this local

[njl98r@chef njl98r]$ gpg --list-keys njl98r
pub  1024D/741BE7D8 1999-10-11 Nicholas Lamb <>
uid                            Nicholas Lamb <>
sub  1024g/427333F4 1999-10-11 [expires: 2000-11-09]
sub  1024g/8458535B 2001-07-26 [expires: 2002-07-26]

It would be nice if other users could have this new subkey, so that when
they send me mail it doesn't complain about the old, expired subkey

[njl98r@chef njl98r]$ gpg --send-keys 741BE7D8
gpg: success sending to `' (status=200)

However it appears that either GnuPG never bothers to tell the server
about the new subkey, or the server never bothers to record it. When
I look at the key list on other people's systems (yes, from the same
server after I updated it) the new subkey is missing.

What am I doing wrong? How do I make it do what I (obviously) intended?

Also, GnuPG still seems to be confused about "trust" in the documentation
at least. This means worse security for all of us, because when users
read confusing documentation, they get confused, and then they make wrong
decisions that affect all of us.

CC me please, I may or may not have joined the list by the time you reply