gpg-Msg: failed to translate

August C. Quint
Thu Sep 20 11:55:01 2001


when I call gpg.exe from a program I get the following message:

        failed to translate osfhandle 00000005

or a different number. What is wrong here?

What I did: I wrote a little programm which calls gpg.exe (via spawnl()) and
gave it the needed parameters. I put the passphrase in a file and called
gpg.exe whith the parameter "--passphrase-fd 5" (the number 5 is the number
returned from the previous open()-call).

The parameters are correct, I verified them via a BAT-file.

I changed gpg.exe to a file of my own, which simply read from the
filedescriptor given and I can read from the file.

Any ideas?