GPG weirdnesses

Martin F Krafft
Mon Sep 24 16:27:02 2001

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[please CC me on responses - i signed up for the list, but the
 confirmation email has been outstanding so far...]

i know i asked this question before, but i received no answer. i've
had my new PGP key for 1/4 of a year now, changed it back then because
i added UIDs that i didn't want in there, not even revoked.

anyway, the other day i finally added another UID with my work email

pub  1024D/330C4A75  created: 2001-06-20 expires: 2002-06-20 trust: f/u
sub  2048g/D99FEE8D  created: 2001-06-20 expires: 2002-06-20
(1)  Martin F. Krafft <>
(2). Martin F. Krafft (AERAsec GmbH) <>

well, notice the '.' after the (2) on the second UID line? that's
what's annoying me? because now, this UID seems to be the default.
assume i wanted to sign joe's key:

  fishbowl:~> gpg --sign-key 43****1E

  pub  1024D/43****1E  created: 2000-03-30 expires: never trust: -/q
  sub  2048g/6F****D1  created: 2000-03-30 expires: never    =20
  (1)  Joe Tester <***************>
  (2). Joe Tester <**************>

  Really sign all user IDs? y
  pub  1024D/43****1E  created: 2000-03-30 expires: never trust: -/q
  Fingerprint: E86D 8583 92CB FD92 70AD  43DC 02BC 42B7 43E2 5D1E

      Joe Tester <***************>
      Joe Tester <**************>

  Are you really sure that you want to sign this key
  with your key: "Martin F. Krafft (AERAsec GmbH) <>"

  Really sign? n
  Key not changed so no update needed.

it tells me that my key is the AERAsec key, which is not my default.
and now, this UID shows up in the sigs of all keys i signed.

why does it do this??? if i later add a UID, i still want to keep my
primary as a primary. that's not too much to ask for, is it?

please advise me how to make UID 1 be my primary (default) UID again.

martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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